We invite you to come for amazing horse riding vacations, get to know us and our horses, and to share the daily life of a small organic horse farm, with long rides on amazing trails. Or you can  join us on an adventurehorse trekking over 3 to 7  days, discovering this quiet and magic part of Uruguay. We are not your typical dude ranch, as we do not have cattle, but you will love riding with us through this wonderful countryside.


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Lucie horse tour guide


Lucie has been thinking mainly about horseback riding since age three. After many years doing dressage and showjumping in Austria, with rather moderate sucess, she travelled around the world several times, first by plane, train , bus and rikshaw, then more and more on horseback. In Southamerica she found countries where it is still easy and acceptable to travel solely on horses, and so she travelled some 2000 km on horse back. First she joined the Nomads United in Peru (www.nomadsunited.com), then she chose to travel alone with a horse and a packhorse.

After two years as a horse tour guide in Costa Rica life called her to Uruguay, where she not only found the land of her dreams and built her home in the Sierras de Rocha, but also met and married Santiago, the wonderful love of her life.

Highly inspired by the work of horse men Monty Roberts, John Lyons and Pat Parelli, these days her time is divided between being a hostess to her horse riding guests and the starting of young horses with violence free natural horsemanship,which she finds extremely fascinating and rewarding.

She also enjoys singing and composing music, and long walks on the beach with her dog Divina.



Santiago would actually like to be a hermit....if only we let him. Since he got caught by Lucie`s lasso he has gathered experience as builder of horsebarns, dog`s midwife, fence builder, treeplanter, farrier, massagist, Vet`s assistent, plumber and elecrician, apicultor, chauffeur, foal tamer, fire man, dish washer, psycologist, ornithologist, long distance rider, car mechanic, cook, maid, and barman.

He is the proud owner of CHANDANI, the most beautiful mare on the planet, and actually most of all, he enjoys to hang in his hammock and read a good book...if only we let him.

Divina, Dalmatian Princess


The owner of our little horse ranch. Don’t let her canine look fool you: she is a princess, on her way to be a queen.

Her favorite spot is next to the fireplace or on the car seat looking out of the window.