Our guided horse tours lead us from our house onto incountable paths, often through native forest where we can observe auctoctonous animals and abundant birdlife. The tours last from 2 hours to all day long, depending on the experience and expectations of our guests.

Horseback riding - Never boring!

The Sierras offer a wide range of terrain, very varied and never boring.

We cross big pastures full of cows and sheeps, climb up rocky paths towards the ridge of the mountainrange, from where on a clear day we can see the ocean; we cross little rivers and creeks, have long gallops on grassy paths, visit old deserted stone houses, observe our farmer neighbours work with their sheep and cattle, and have picknicks in our favourite enchanted hideaways. Part of our rides may also be visiting and checking on our other horses, that live in different fields at a distance from our house, or moving a herd of horses or foals from one pasture to another.

Trail rides for beginners and experts

We have all kinds of horses, from very steady, sweet natured horses for beginners or riders who have been out of the saddle for a long time up to more spirited horses who will be a delightful ride for the experienced horseperson.

Our Horses vary from purebreed arabians and local criollos to mixes of all kind of breeds. What we are looking for in our horses are unique characters and an excellent attitude towards the rides in the sierra. 


Our horses grow up and live in their respective herds, thus enjoying a natural, healthy life full of social contact.

We believe that horses that trust and respect us and are comfortable with their life, are the best and most fun companions, both as working horses as for trailrides and trekking. We chose our riding horses for their physique, their character and their willingness to work. They are safe in traffic and surefooted even in demanding terrains.


Some of the horses we are riding have been bred and born here on our land. We take great care to give them a good start into their life, starting with first contacts of imprinting, followed by regular monitoring while they are growing up in big pastures further away from our home, and then taking all the time and patience it takes to make them willing partners as riding horses.