We firmly believe that horses treated with love, patience and profound knowledge of equine behaviour will make better and more reliable companions on the trail. Our training methods have been inspired by the great masters of the USA such as Monty RobertsJohn LyonsPat Parelli and Stacy Westfall. We also apply methods by the Uruguayans Gustavo Ortega and Ricardo Espalter.

Working with the Horse without Violence.

Working with the Horse without Violence.


Rather than looking for the horse's submission, we aim for its cooperation. A relaxed, fearless horse is more fun to be around, and helps us teaching the beginners that come to Caballos de Luz. We aim to make the horse understand its responsibilities and keep up its positive disposition towards work, as part of what we offer are horse treks, with many hours on the road, where a self motivated, content  horse is a grand asset.

Foal and young horse work

We start with what is called Imprinting, close encounters with foals in the first hours and days of their lives. Besides being utterly enjoyful... it starts a bond between horse and human that may last a life time.

Furthermore we start our own and customers horses with ground work basics and train them to be trustful riding horses.

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Regular courses

We give horsemanship weekend courses reguarly, and are also open for people to come and learn and practice these techniques and skills with our horses. Please contact us for more information and the next course date.