We invite you to come for amazing horse riding vacations, get to know us and our horses, and to share the daily life of a small organic horse farm, with long rides on amazing trails. Or you can  join us on an adventurehorse trekking over 3 to 7  days, discovering this quiet and magic part of Uruguay. We are not your typical dude ranch, as we do not have cattle, but you will love riding with us through this wonderful countryside.


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Lucie horse tour guide


Lucie has been thinking mainly about horseback riding since age three. After many years doing dressage and showjumping in Austria, with rather moderate sucess, she travelled around the world several times, first by plane, train , bus and rikshaw, then more and more on horseback. In Southamerica she found countries where it is still easy and acceptable to travel solely on horses, and so she travelled some 2000 km on horse back. First she joined the Nomads United in Peru (www.nomadsunited.com), then she chose to travel alone with a horse and a packhorse.

After two years as a horse tour guide in Costa Rica life called her to Uruguay, where she not only found the land of her dreams and built her home in the Sierras de Rocha, but also met and married Santiago, the wonderful love of her life.

Highly inspired by the work of horse men Monty Roberts, John Lyons and Pat Parelli, these days her time is divided between being a hostess to her horse riding guests and the starting of young horses with violence free natural horsemanship,which she finds extremely fascinating and rewarding.

She also enjoys singing and composing music, and long walks on the beach with her dog Divina.



Santiago would actually like to be a hermit....if only we let him. Since he got caught by Lucie`s lasso he has gathered experience as builder of horsebarns, dog`s midwife, fence builder, treeplanter, farrier, massagist, Vet`s assistent, plumber and elecrician, apicultor, chauffeur, foal tamer, fire man, dish washer, psycologist, ornithologist, long distance rider, car mechanic, cook, maid, and barman.

He is the proud owner of CHANDANI, the most beautiful mare on the planet, and actually most of all, he enjoys to hang in his hammock and read a good book...if only we let him.

Divina, Dalmatian Princess


The owner of our little horse ranch. Don’t let her canine look fool you: she is a princess, on her way to be a queen.

Her favorite spot is next to the fireplace or on the car seat looking out of the window.

caballos con sonrisa

Rates for horse riding and accomodation

A day in the sierras


For a day “all inclusive”with three meals, a room (on double base) and a guided horse riding tour we charge US $ 145 per person. If you prefer a single room, we charge US $160.

For US $ 145


Horse tours

Most of our our different horse tours last around two and a half hours and cost 60 Us Dollars.

The terrain is versatile, we will be crossing pastures, land  ride in, native forest and have our horses carry us  up rocky hills..

Our horses are well trained, well cared for and suitable even for less experienced riders..

For beginners we offer a riding lesson followed by  a shorter ride.

For US $ 60


Horse Trekking

Horse trekking with us costs 180 US$ per day. This includes many hours in the saddle, all meals, tent and bedding, and the support of two guides and pack horses. On some of the treks we may be able to offer accommodation in rooms some of the nights for an additional cost. Min 4 participants, max 8.

For US$ 180


Day Long Rides

We also offer 5 hours in the saddle with homemade picnic lunch for US $ 100 per person. 

Minimum of participants: 2


For US$ 100

Transfer to Location

If you need transfer from Rocha bus station we can pick you up. For this we charge 20 US$. Alternatively you can take a taxi which will also cost you around 25 US$.

For US$ 20  




We take cash in US Dollars, Uruguayan Pesos, Euro and Argentinian Pesos.

We do not accept credit cards, but usually you can get up to 600 US dollars per day from the cash machine in Rocha. However, the machine is not the most reliable, so, if possible, we recommend to take out the cash in Montevideo.


Caballos de Luz is also an amazing place for birdwatching while waiting for your horseback ride or maybe just by the pleasure of birdwatching itself. All year round it’s possible to see lots of different species of birds eating in our garden, waiting for the horses to drop some food on the ground, stealing the cat food, or maybe only minding their own business around the property.

List of birds seen in 2019:

  • Red-winged Tinamou

  • Darken-Faced Ground-Tyrant

  • Black-and-rufous Warbling-Finch

  • Long-tailed Reed Finch

  • Turkey Vulture

  • Golden-crowned Warbler

  • Dusky-legged Guan

  • Southern Lapwing

  • Red-crested Cardinal

  • White-browed Warbler

  • Olivaceous Elaenia

  • Spot-winged Pigeon

  • Rufous-capped Antshrike

  • Stripe-crowned Spinetail

  • Blue-and-yellow Tanager

  • Gilded Hummingbird

  • Streaked Flycatcher

  • Scissor-tailed Nightjar

  • Spotted Nothura

  • Roadside Hawk

  • American Kestrel

  • Monk Parakeet

  • White-crested Tyrannulet

  • Cattle Tyrant

  • Saffron Finch

  • Yellow-rumped Marshbird

  • White Monjita

  • White-tipped Dove

  • Great Kiskadee

  • White-necked Thrush

  • Gray-cowled Wood-Rail

  • Gray-throated Warbling-Finch

  • Eared Dove

  • White Woodpecker

  • Green-barred Woodpecker

  • Campo Flicker

  • Rufous Hornero

  • Freckle-breasted Thornbird

  • Rufous-browed Peppershrike

  • Chalk-browed Mockingbird

  • Tropical Parula

  • Rufous-collared Sparrow

  • Diademed Tanager

  • Chestnut-backed Tanager

  • Mottled Piculet

  • Rufous-bellied Thrush

  • Great Horned Owl

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 Guestrooms with a touch of nature

Homemade and self buit

We love the place we live in and deeply enjoy the peace and quiet.

Our littel house in the Sierras of Rocha


 Caballos de Luz it’s a small horse farm registered with  Uruguay’s Ministry of Tourism. In a marvellous natural surrounding, We rent out a cottage, a dome and a double room, the three of them rustic but comfortable, each with private entrance, bathroom and kitchen.

Apart from going horse riding, you can go for a swim in our natural river pool,  go hiking or tracking down birds and wildlife.Or you can chill out in one of the hammocks, listen to birdsong and read a book from our multilingual library.


We believe in the importance of taking care of the environment, so we use only clean solar energy  as a supply for our installations.

We do not provide WIFI, but we have a hammocks, a great library, and kind horses to hang out with. You can use our private internet connection to check urgent messages, if needed.

Please note that ours is a guest ranch, not a four star hotel. Accommodation is simple and rustic, each with wonderful views and a deck for sun bathing and star gazing.



Whenever possible, we take the meals outside, in the shade under our beautiful old Coronilla trees, or directly under the starry sky.




We love to cook! In our kitchen, we prepare vegetarian international food. Whenever it is possible, vegetables are grown in our own organic garden and are harvested right before the meal.


We believe in the importance of taking care of the environment, so we use only clean solar energy  as a supply for our installations.

We do not provide WIFI, but we have a hammocks, a great library, and kind horses to hang out with. You can use our private internet connection to check urgent messages, if needed.

Please note that ours is a guest ranch, not a four star hotel. Accommodation is simple and rustic, each with wonderful views and a deck for sun bathing and star gazing



One Single / double room

Cozy little guestroom with view of the Sierras, part of our house but with a seperate entrance. Cooking facilities and private bath. Sheets and towels are provided.

The Cottage

This straw thatched little house has room  for up to four people. Looks out over our horse pastures and the Sierras. Separate entrance, private bath, facilities to make tea or coffee. 

The Dome

A dome is a round, geodesic structure. Because of its form and acoustics, this is a special place for music, yoga and meditation. It is also a little further away from the house, being the most private of our rooms. Great for your honeymoon in Uruguay!  It has a little kitchen, and a dry toilet and solar powered hot water shower just a few steps away.

Our guided horse tours lead us from our house onto incountable paths, often through native forest where we can observe auctoctonous animals and abundant birdlife. The tours last from 2 hours to all day long, depending on the experience and expectations of our guests.

Horseback riding - Never boring!

The Sierras offer a wide range of terrain, very varied and never boring.

We cross big pastures full of cows and sheeps, climb up rocky paths towards the ridge of the mountainrange, from where on a clear day we can see the ocean; we cross little rivers and creeks, have long gallops on grassy paths, visit old deserted stone houses, observe our farmer neighbours work with their sheep and cattle, and have picknicks in our favourite enchanted hideaways. Part of our rides may also be visiting and checking on our other horses, that live in different fields at a distance from our house, or moving a herd of horses or foals from one pasture to another.

Trail rides for beginners and experts

We have all kinds of horses, from very steady, sweet natured horses for beginners or riders who have been out of the saddle for a long time up to more spirited horses who will be a delightful ride for the experienced horseperson.

Our Horses vary from purebreed arabians and local criollos to mixes of all kind of breeds. What we are looking for in our horses are unique characters and an excellent attitude towards the rides in the sierra. 


Our horses grow up and live in their respective herds, thus enjoying a natural, healthy life full of social contact.

We believe that horses that trust and respect us and are comfortable with their life, are the best and most fun companions, both as working horses as for trailrides and trekking. We chose our riding horses for their physique, their character and their willingness to work. They are safe in traffic and surefooted even in demanding terrains.


Some of the horses we are riding have been bred and born here on our land. We take great care to give them a good start into their life, starting with first contacts of imprinting, followed by regular monitoring while they are growing up in big pastures further away from our home, and then taking all the time and patience it takes to make them willing partners as riding horses.


We firmly believe that horses treated with love, patience and profound knowledge of equine behaviour will make better and more reliable companions on the trail. Our training methods have been inspired by the great masters of the USA such as Monty RobertsJohn LyonsPat Parelli and Stacy Westfall. We also apply methods by the Uruguayans Gustavo Ortega and Ricardo Espalter.

Working with the Horse without Violence.

Working with the Horse without Violence.


Rather than looking for the horse's submission, we aim for its cooperation. A relaxed, fearless horse is more fun to be around, and helps us teaching the beginners that come to Caballos de Luz. We aim to make the horse understand its responsibilities and keep up its positive disposition towards work, as part of what we offer are horse treks, with many hours on the road, where a self motivated, content  horse is a grand asset.

Foal and young horse work

We start with what is called Imprinting, close encounters with foals in the first hours and days of their lives. Besides being utterly enjoyful... it starts a bond between horse and human that may last a life time.

Furthermore we start our own and customers horses with ground work basics and train them to be trustful riding horses.

2009 nov y dec, Domingo y Santi, Imprinting.jpg


Regular courses

We give horsemanship weekend courses reguarly, and are also open for people to come and learn and practice these techniques and skills with our horses. Please contact us for more information and the next course date.



Our passion is horse trekkinghorse tours that last for a few days and let us get out of daily life and truly appreciate the connection with our horses that deepens day by day.  After a few days out in nature in Urugay, far away from daily schedules, internet and cellphones, our rhythm starts to be guided by the song of birds and the hoof beats of our horses. This is an experience that you will be carrying with you for the rest of your life. 

We offer tours from 2 days to 10 days, alternating nights camping by the fire with lodging in simple country homes. This is a horse riding experience that takes you far away from the beaten track and close to Uruguays real back country.

Please  contact us to organise a tour that is measured to your time frame and riding abilities.

For an example look at the fotostory our house-fotographer Florian Schweer made about our last three day tour;


What to do around us

The Area around Rocha offers much more than just Horse Riding...


Whale Watching

In Rocha you can, with a little bit of luck, spot dolphins all year round. Also Rocha is one of the few places in the world where you can spot humpback whales right off the beach, without having to hire a boat. Whale watching season at Rocha`s beaches is from the middle of August through November. The closest beaches from where you can observe whales are less than an hour drive from our home. In season, we are more than willing to help you organise an unforgettable day of whale or dolphin watching. You can find information, in Spanish, at www.occ.com.uy



La Paloma and its beaches is just an hour's drive away from Caballos de Luz. A quiet beach town, it offers hotels, hostels and all kinds of little cafes and restaurants, and, best of all, a variety of beaches, some calm and child friendly, some surfer friendly ones, with impressive waves. All with wonderful sunset views!

If you`d like to go go to the beach for a day  rather than spend it riding horses, we are happy to take you.




Cabo Ponio is about 2 hours journey away and one of Uruguay's gems. It houses a massive sea lion colony just a few meters off shore, and has no public road to get there, so it still feels rather remote and exposed to wind and weather. That is...in off season.

In high season January, February and March, we recommend it less, as its magic is no longer a secret and it attracts more than its fair share of visitors..

Accomodation and food is generally very rustic and overpriced, so you may consider a day trip.

Screenshot 2016-12-17 22.26.09.png

Canoe crossing of the Rocha Lagoon

The Laguna de Rocha is a protected area, where the ocean's salt water mixes with sweet lagoon water, creating breeding ground for many fish and see critter, which again are an excellent food source for big amounts of migrating birds.

A must see for "birders", it is yet completely undeveloped touristically -  there are no guided tours. If you are interested in visiting, please let us know when you book your stay with us and we will try to track down the ranger for a private bird watching tour..

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