What to do around us

The Area around Rocha offers much more than just Horse Riding...


Whale Watching

In Rocha you can, with a little bit of luck, spot dolphins all year round. Also Rocha is one of the few places in the world where you can spot humpback whales right off the beach, without having to hire a boat. Whale watching season at Rocha`s beaches is from the middle of August through November. The closest beaches from where you can observe whales are less than an hour drive from our home. In season, we are more than willing to help you organise an unforgettable day of whale or dolphin watching. You can find information, in Spanish, at www.occ.com.uy



La Paloma and its beaches is just an hour's drive away from Caballos de Luz. A quiet beach town, it offers hotels, hostels and all kinds of little cafes and restaurants, and, best of all, a variety of beaches, some calm and child friendly, some surfer friendly ones, with impressive waves. All with wonderful sunset views!

If you`d like to go go to the beach for a day  rather than spend it riding horses, we are happy to take you.




Cabo Ponio is about 2 hours journey away and one of Uruguay's gems. It houses a massive sea lion colony just a few meters off shore, and has no public road to get there, so it still feels rather remote and exposed to wind and weather. That is...in off season.

In high season January, February and March, we recommend it less, as its magic is no longer a secret and it attracts more than its fair share of visitors..

Accomodation and food is generally very rustic and overpriced, so you may consider a day trip.

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Canoe crossing of the Rocha Lagoon

The Laguna de Rocha is a protected area, where the ocean's salt water mixes with sweet lagoon water, creating breeding ground for many fish and see critter, which again are an excellent food source for big amounts of migrating birds.

A must see for "birders", it is yet completely undeveloped touristically -  there are no guided tours. If you are interested in visiting, please let us know when you book your stay with us and we will try to track down the ranger for a private bird watching tour..